4 Top Reasons To Rent Tuxedo For Your Wedding

Simply put, that is because it looks good and kick ass. Next reason? Because it is your big day.  All right, but jokes aside, Tuxedos are really a good suit to consider for grooms because it evokes a classy air of style and well, class.

I have 4 reasons below as to why you should rent one, other than the cost. Check this for more tips and resource for tuxedo rental in singapore.


There are many top notch  tuxedo rental Singapore around and many of them are really good.  You would have spent a significant amount of money, on a tuxedo that may end up looking out of place the next time round. How would you feel about that?

After the wedding, you can return it and not have to worry whether it will still be trendy a year down the line, when you need to attend another formal event. When the time comes, you can just rent another trendy tuxedo that is suited to the times.


Renting a wedding tuxedo is a great option because the price of the outfit is distributed to you and other people who will also use the outfit.

You do not have to pay for the total cost of production on your own. In addition, tuxedo rental shops also provide all the tuxedo accessories that you need for very affordable prices. You do not need to spend more money to acquire them on your own.

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Range of Designs

You should consider renting because it allows you the choice to wear different styles of tuxedos. You can wear a black tuxedo today and a midnight blue one next month. You can change the neck-wear, waistcoats and cummerbunds as well as the shirts, whenever you feel like. As a result, you will always look different whenever you attend different formal events without the need to incur a huge expense.

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Taking Care of It

Should you choose to rent your tuxedo however, there is no need to worry about maintenance, which can be quite a headache. Instead, the rental shop will take care of the cleaning and storage. Let them worry about the moths!


Renting a tuxedo for any formal event is always the best option for your needs. It saves time and money and still keeps you on trend. What more could you ask for?

Food For Wedding

Wedding food styles is an expression that you appreciate and you love most your guest.

It is a wedding feast so you need to plan what to offer to your guest and visitors in your big day.

Forget any cringing thoughts of boring potlucks and lukewarm deli dishes! It’s possible to keep your wedding food simple, easy and still have it be tasteful and memorable.

Variety of Foods you can Serve

For simple food wedding it should be basic but lovely foods for the important person you invited in your wedding. Roast beef, baked ham, variety of salads do, vegetables, and pickles. These foods are easy to cook yet they are delicious. It also fit to your budget.

Appetizers come first and your guests will appreciate a small assortment of snacks that are tasty but not messy.

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For this reason, anything with a great deal of liquid is a bad idea. Vegetable platters are good place to start, and any vegetable platter can be dressed up by adding a really knock-out dip. This is also a good place for cheese. While you might want to avoid the Super Bowl-party cubes of cheddar, a variety of small cheeses and crackers filled with herbs can make a tasteful addition to the table.

Appetizing Food and International Flavours

If you want a more international feel, if your budget allows, you might want consider sushi rolls. You can roll the sushi yourself, substituting regular tuna in place of more exotic fillings, and provide your guests with a fascinating new experience.

For a sweet finisher, a fruit plate with in-season fruit is always a winner. If you live close to any farms, you might consider seeing if they have anything they can provide you with; fresher is always better, and if you can get fresh, in-season strawberries at your wedding, it’ll be one the guests will remember for a long time. For the winter months, try something a bit richer.

Drinks for Weddings

Weddings, love, family, celebrations, romance, and mixed cocktail drinks go hand in hand. If you would like a wedding theme cocktail drink or two for the bridal reception or engagement party, here they are. A couple of wedding theme bar mixed cocktail drinks for the wedding bridal shower or for bridal reception planning.

Joys of Planning a Wedding Theme

Ah! Planning a wedding theme. Every wedding needs that.

When it comes to planning a wedding, several factors count. Most importantly, one has to come up with a wedding theme. The wedding theme determines the other steps in wedding planning.

What we learn is that, when planning a wedding theme, your personal style is what really matters. You could make a wedding theme based on the colors you love, that dream venue you have always wanted so much, the era you are obsessed about or even the contemporary period that you are having your wedding on.

When planning wedding themes, one has quite a lot of options to consider. Here are some of ideas we conceived while we plan for our wedding

They include:

– A winter wedding theme. One should consider using cool colors and also sparkly ice crystals that represent winter.

– A summer wedding theme. Summer involves a lot of sunshine and good vibes.one should therefore use very warm and vibrant colors to bring out this theme.

– A spring wedding theme.Spring wedding themes involve a mix of colors, that is subtle colors are mixed up with bright colors to bring out a hue that it nature inspired.

– An outdoor wedding theme. An outdoor wedding theme is fun.it encompasses fresh air and freedom that makes the wedding romantic and unique.

– A sport wedding theme. One has to choose the sport they love and use colors and symbols that represent it.

– A Christmas wedding theme. In a Christmas theme, you can incorporate Christmas symbols such as Santa Claus and a Christmas tree.

– A Halloween wedding theme. For this, we actually have a couple friend doing this for their wedding. You would have to use scary Halloween costumes and artifacts to bring out the Halloween theme.

– A beach wedding theme. For the beach lovers. Sun, Sand, Sea, Blue skies, Freedom, Water… enough said. And probably a little bit of tan?

– A retro wedding theme.A retro wedding theme involves the use of vintage artifacts, decorations and symbols to bring justice to this theme.

When planning a wedding theme one can use any ideas as long as the wedding is creative and unique. But most importantly, you should really like it! And do not be too stressed over it.

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